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2013-9-3 Mountain Rescue of Tienchi Lodge in Ren’ai Township of Nantou County

  • Release Date:2013-09-03
  • Source:NASC

The 1st team of the NAST 3rd battalion stationed in Tainan received phone call from the NASC Duty Command Center yesterday (the 2nd) at 17:20 to implement the mountain rescue mission at Tienchi Lodge in Ren’ai Township of Nantou County. After received the mission, the team planned to implement the mission in the early morning on 3 September by dispatching B-234 helicopter number NA-603. The helicopter took off from Tainan Airport today at 06:55 and arrived in Tienchi Lodge at 07:52. After surveyed the navigation route and tested the horsepower, the helicopter entered the air of target zone to conduct the rescue mission. The patient hoist work was conducted by the SSRT member 張O傑 at a height of 150 ft. At 08:02, the mountain climber林O夫 (male, was born in 1983) suffered from high-altitude sickness was successfully entered the cabin . At 08:10, the helicopter landed at Tienchi to pick up 4 mountain climbers as the road was disconnected and they were stuck in mountains. The helicopter took off at 08:02 and landed at the NFA Zhushan Training Center at 08:32. The patient was then transported to hospital by the Nantou County Fire Department and NA-603 returned to Tainan Airport for the next mission.