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2013-9-3 Transfer of a Ludao Citizen due to an Urgent Need of taking Dialysis

  • Release Date:2013-09-03
  • Source:NASC

A Ludao citizen 李OO (male, was born in 1953) had an urgent need of taking immediate dialysis . As the Ludao Health Office lacked of medical facilities and the patient was in a critical condition, an EMS of transferring the patient to Taitung Hospital of Ministry of Health Welfare was applied. 
After received a notification from the NASC Duty Command Center today (the 3rd) at 11:30 by phone to implement the Ludao transfer mission, the standby crew immediately completed related work. The UH-1H helicopter number NA-512 was dispatched to implement the mission. The helicopter took off at 11:47 towards Ludao with a nurse on board. It landed at Ludao Airport at 12:05 and picked up 1 patient and 1 family member. At 12:14, it took off from Ludao and returned to Taitung Airport at 12:30. After it landed at the airport, the patient was transported to Taitung Hospital of Ministry of Health Welfare for treatment and this mission was successfully completed.