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2013-9-24 Rescuing a Mountain Climbing Group of 4 in the Valley of Wanda South River in Ren’ai Township, Nantou County

  • Release Date:2013-09-24
  • Source:NASC

A B-234 helicopter of the 1st team of the 3rd NASC battalion implemented the rescue mission: A mountain climbing group of 4 from Kaohsiung went hiking in Andongjun Mountain and lost contact. The team received mission at 22:00 on 23 September and planned to implement the mission in the early morning of 24 September. The helicopter number NA-603 took off from Tainan Airport at 6:55 and reached the target region at 07:55. It flew along Nenggao Mountain–South Peak of Nenggao Mountain – Guangtou Mountain – Baishi Mountain – Andongjun Mountain – the confluence of the South River to implement an aerial search. At 08:23, the crew discovered the mountain climbing group in the valley of Wanda South River, who were stuck there due to an overflowed river caused by days of rains. At 08:26, the helicopter number NA-603 landed on the riverbed of South River to pick up the 4 people and left the target zone. The crew checked these people’s physical status and confirmed that everything was in normal. At 08:35, the helicopter landed on the grasslands of Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area and the Nantou County Fire Department took over the following work. NA-603 then returned to Tainan for the next mission.