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2013-9-26 Rescue Mission in the Er-Wu River Campsite of Heping District, Taichung City

  • Release Date:2013-09-26
  • Source:NASC

The helicopter number NA-603 of the 1st team of the 3rd NASC battalion implemented a mountain rescue mission: A mountain climber (male, 58 years old) located in the Er-Wu River Campsite of Heping District, Taichung City, lost contact. The location was 100 nautical miles away from Tainan on the direction of 040 at height of 7,000 ft. The flight crew turned on the engine at 06:10 and took off at 06:30 towards the target zone. After arrived in the target zone at 07:35, it immediately implemented the search mission and discovered the rescue target at 07:55. The crew then evaluated the entering route and discussed rescue method with the SSRT Sub Captain 蘇. The hoist work was implemented at 08:00 and completed at 08:10. The rescue target was in a conscious state. The helicopter then left the target zone and headed to Dongshi Riverside Park. After landed at Dongshi Riverside Park at 08:30, the patient was transported to hospital by the Taichung City Fire Department. The helicopter then took off again from Dongshi Riverside Park at 08:35 and returned to Tainan with VFR. It arrived in the base at 09:40 and turned off the engine at 09:50.