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2013-11-20 Rescue Mission of a Mountain Climber suffered in Lodge in Shei-Pa National Park

  • Release Date:2013-11-20
  • Source:NASC

Two mountain climbers went hiking in Xue Mountain passed through Xinda Lodge this noon (the 20th). One of the mountain climbers 范OO suffered from suspected high-altitude disease as the mountain climber suddenly felt uncomfortable and continued to vomit. After received the notification, the Fire Department immediately applied for NASC’s support. 
The 1st team of the 3rd NASC battalion received a notification from the NASC Duty Command Center to implement an emergency hoist service. The B-234 helicopter number NA-603 took off from Tainan Airport at 13:15 (the 20th) and, with the maximum and constant horsepower, it landed at the grassland on the eastern side of Xinda Lodge at 14:30 and picked up two mountain climbers. After took off at 14:36, the crew immediately lowered the altitude and confirmed that the patient was in a stable status. The helicopter landed at Tainan Airport at 15:55 and the Tainan City Fire Department had arranged ambulance accordingly to transfer the patient to hospital.