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2013-11-27 Transfer of a Patient from Kinmen to the Main Island for EMS

  • Release Date:2013-11-27
  • Source:NASC

The team received a notification from the NASC Duty Command Center at 23:15 today (the 26th) today (the 26th): A patient of Penghu Hospital of Ministry of Health Welfare 李O葉 (female, was born in 1930) was suffering from cholangitis. As the hospital lacked of medical facilities, an EMS to transfer the patient to Taipei Veterans General Hospital was requested. 
After received the notification, the flight crew of helicopter number NA-107 started the engine at 23:30 and took off from Taichung CCK Airport at 23:42. After landed at Kinmen Airport at 00:55 and picked up the patient, family member and medical personnel totally 4 people, it restarted the engine at 01:15 and took off at 01:21. After landed at Taipei Songshan Airport at 02:55, the patient was transported to Taipei Veterans General Hospital for treatment and this mission was successfully completed.