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2013-11-30 Transfer of a Patient from Lanyu to the Main Island for EMS

  • Release Date:2013-11-30
  • Source:NASC

NASC placed an order today (the 30th) at 17:30 to the 2nd team of the NASC 3rd battalion stationed in Kaohsiung to dispatch AS-365 Dolphin Helicopter number NA-105 to implement Lanyu EMS mission. After received the notification, the standby flight crew immediately started the helicopter engine at 17:50 and took off from Kaohsiung Airport at 17:55 towards Lanyu. Based on the spirit of saving lives, the flight crew travelled with the fastest speed and landed at Lanyu Airport at 18:50 to pick up the patient, family member and nurses totally 4 people. After all the passengers got on board, the helicopter took off at 18:58 and headed to Taitung Airport with the fastest speed. After it landed at Taitung Airport at 19:25, the passengers were transferred to Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch by the ambulance and this outlying islands EMS mission was successfully completed.