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2013-12-3 Emergency Transfer of a Mountain Climber suffered from a Fractured Right Thigh in Nandashueiku Mountain

  • Release Date:2013-12-03
  • Source:NASC

The 1st team of the 3rd NASC battalion received a notification from the NASC Duty Command Center today (the 2nd): A citizen 彭OO (female, was born in 1966) who went hiking was hit by falling rocks at 12:19 while passing through the south side of Nandashueiku Mountain. The patient, who was conscious, had a fractured right thigh and could not walk. As the location was in a remote area and under the consideration of rescue effectiveness, an EMS was requested accordingly. 
After received order from the NASC Duty Command Center, the team immediately dispatched B-234 helicopter number NA-603 to implement the mission. The helicopter took off from Tainan Airport at 12:45 and, after arrived in the target zone at 13:42, the SSRT member 孫O耀 left the cabin and rappelled to the ground to assist the mountain climbers 彭OO and his partner 羅OO getting on the flight by using the hoist system. The helicopter then returned and landed at Tainan Airport at 14:30. The Tainan City Fire Department then took over the following work and transported the patient to hospital.