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2013-12-10 NASC completed the EMS mission of Delivering a Matsu Nangen Citizen suffered from Digestive Tract Hemorrhage Associated with Hemorrhagic to Hospital

  • Release Date:2013-12-10
  • Source:NASC

A patient from Lanyu: 江林O家 (female, 85 years old) suffered from acute stroke and left hemiplegia. As the patient was in a critical condition, an EMS to transfer the patient to Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch was requested. 
The NASC Duty Command Center placed an order today (the 13th) at 11:00 to the 2nd team of the 3rd NASC battalion stationed in Kaohsiung to dispatch the AS-365 Dolphin Helicopter number NA-104 for implementing the Lanyu EMS mission. After received the notification, the standby crew immediately turned on the helicopter engine at 11:10 and took off from Kaohsiung International Airport at 11:15 towards Lanyu. Based on the spirit of saving lives, the flight crew travelled with the fastest speed and landed at Lanyu Airport at 12:00 to pick up the patient, family member and nurse totally 3 people. After all the passengers got on board, the helicopter took off at 12:05 and flew back to Taitung Airport with the fastest speed. After it landed at Taitung Airport at 12:40, the passengers were transported to Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch and this outlying islands EMS mission was successfully completed.