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UH-1H hoist
  1. Bearing capacity of cable: 600lbs=270kg
  2. Total length of cable: 265’; usable length: 245’=75m
  3. Cable (max tension: 3,000lbs for new cable and 2,500lbs for old cable)
Hoist assembly

Hoist assembly

  1. Pulley
  2. Cable
  3. Motor
    • Fault detector
    • DC Moto
    • Safety Clutch(disengage at 1,000lbs of force), max capacity 1,500lbs
    • Tension Roller
    • Cable cutter - an explosive charge inside detonates to cut the cable.
    • Guide rail
    • Brake (anti-reverse device
    • Yard counter - cable Cycle>up/down 1Tech Cycle=334 2004/334=6Cy
    • Over-speed clutch
Wearing the harness

Wearing the harness

How to wear the harness:
1.Extend the lower straps
2.Put the legs through the hoops
3.Slide the chest buckle up to chest height
4.Buckle up the lower buckle
5.The harness hoop must be placed under the armpits
6.Cross both arms on the chest

Wearing the harness in the cabin

Wearing the harness in the cabin

How to wear the harness in the cabin:
1. Legs go through the lower hoops
2.The harness snaps on at the waist
3.Unbuckle the strap
4.Run the strap buckle through
5.Buckle up the strap buckle on the O-ring
6.Slowly move to the hoist as the harness is secured.