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Benefits of Implementing Structural Sampling Program on ATR 72-600

  • Relese Date:2016-02-02
  • Source:NASC
  1. Introduction

    As the original manufacturer of ATR 72-600 has adopted a lightweight structural design to save fuel, this model has 70,000 cycles of design life. Besides, apart from the high take-off and landing rates of domestic flight routes, the country’s offshore island airports tend to have shorter flight paths, which has resulted in higher rapid deceleration and braking rates. This is the reason that fatigue damage often arrives earlier on the structure of this model.

  2. Definition of Structural Sampling Program

    According to the definition of structural sampling program stated in the ART 72-600 Maintenance Manual issued by the original manufacturer, it is a must to take 20% of the airlines’ ART 72-600 fleet (the highest FL A/C) to check the structural fatigue damage thereof. Where fatigue damage is discovered in the sampling program or environmental and accidental damage is found in the Special Structural Inspections (SSI), the scope of the region’s sampling program shall be extended to the entire fleet.

  3. Benefit Descriptions
    1. Instead of checking the entire fleet, the sampling program can reduce about 991.5 working hours (the work time stated in the maintenance manual of original manufacturer, whereas the actual working hours shall be higher than the descriptions in the manual) as shown in the attachment.
    2. The structural sampling program items for ATR 72-600 mainly focus on 36,000 cycles, and most of the works shall be counted as non-destructive inspection (NDI). In other words, the working hour demand for the professionals will also increase. If the airlines implement a structural investigation on the entire fleet, the aircraft-on-ground (AGO) hours and hours required for the maintenance works will definitely be extended.
  4. Conclusions

    The implementation of structural sampling program can save unnecessary loss on working hours, reduce the impact of NDI manpower and minimize the costs of AGO hours. In this way, the availability of the airline’s aircrafts and relevant maintenance costs will be reduced.

    Summarized by: Lu Cheng-Chieh of NASC


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