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A tragic accident occurred when an Airborne Service Corps helicopter flew a mission observing the oil spill due to the grounding of the T.S. Taipei

A helicopter of Squadron 1, 1st Wing of National Airborne Service Corps, numbered NA-107 and carrying a crew of five, including the pilot, co-pilot, crew chief and 2 Coast Guard specialists, took off from Songshan Airport at 1300 hour, Mar 11 2016 for coast of Shimen, New Taipei City where the T.S. Taipei was aground. The mission was to transport 6 specialists for the observation of oil spill from the ship. Around 13:18, as the helicopter was hovering next to the ship for personnel lifting, it suddenly crashed on the water surface next to be hull of the grounded ship. The helicopter was totaled. The pilot and a specialist were killed. The co-pilot, crew chief and the other specialist were seriously injured. The Corps scrambled a response team as soon as the tragic news reached the HQs. It was all hands on deck to deal with the response efforts. The Aviation Safety Council stepped in for the investigation on what caused this accident. (Conducted by Aviation Safety Commission)