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Tseng, Wei-Chun

  • Award type:2010Civil servants of integrity
  • Date of award:2017-10-13
  • Release Date:2017-10-13

1. Establish purchase need checklist and reduce missing spots in purchase process
Mr. Tseng overlooked the establishment of the “checklist for the approval for the department in need” and the “checklist for required specifications for purchase subject,” and helped the business department in the purchase to prevent missing procedures and documents that are required in the purchase process. This facilitated the purchase decisions made according to purchase benefits and professional judgments, and he continued to asks everyone to dot the Is and cross the Ts in order to prevent purchase negligence or fault plays.
2. Correct inappropriate concept of purchase and ensure purchase quality
Mr. Tseng provided comments regarding the Government Procurement Act for purchase projects while he was the chief of secretariat. This was done for public benefits and fair plays, which helped ensure purchase quality and prevent fault plays.
3. Assist in discover fault plays and keep purchase projects fair and legal
(1) While he was in charge of the “purchase of 59 items of assets required for the “BE-200/350 fixed-wing aircrafts and engines in 2009 (numbered B-9805017),” he found a suspected bid rigging as the bid was about to be finalized. He helped the ethics office to collect evidence and reported to the prosecutor for investigation.
(2) While he was in charge of the “establishment of mountain relay stations and flight pattern tracking and receiving system for the duty-specific communication system (numbered B-9806020),” he found inappropriate bidding review and possible incompliance in acceptance on the part of the department in need. He reported to the ethics office, collected evidence and gave the case to prosecutor for investigation.