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Yeh, Ying-Chie

  • Award type:2013Civil servants of integrity
  • Date of award:2017-10-13
  • Release Date:2017-10-13

1. He developed the basic price approval procedure to keep purchase projects fair and legal:
Mr. Yeh studied the current basic price approval procedure of the Corps while he was in charge of the Corps’ purchase projects. He found out that the procedure was somewhat different from what is specified in the Government Procurement Act, and requested the departments in need to revise the procedure correctly to make sure the purchases are fair and legal.
2. He corrected the misleading concept of purchase and ensured purchase quality:
Mr. Yeh was able to provide suggestions to help clarify that appropriate documents have to be provided for acceptance while he was in charge of 3 purchase projects, including the “purchases of 61 items of aviation material in 16 types for the compressors of AS365N2 in 2012.”This helped minimize the possible disputes with the supplier on contract performance and ensured the purchase quality.
3. He protected the interests of the Corps and kept coworkers on the right side of law:
Mr. Yeh pointed out possible mistakes in 4 purchase projects, including the “ 6th 5-year overhaul for the KING AIR 200 aircraft, numbered NA-301 with the serial number of BB-449,” as the department in need failed to fill out the expected use and target benefits in the report, thus preventing potential law violation.