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Aviation Info

Hsu, Yuan-Hui

  • Award type:2018Rescue workers of performance
  • Date of award:2019-05-15
  • Release Date:2019-05-15

Mr. Hsu grew extremely interested in helicopter rescue when he was a pilot in the Army and participated in the relief of 921 Earthquake, in the hope to do his part in the national rescue efforts. For this, in 2002, he decided to retire from the Army and chose to join the Airborne Firefighting Service, the predecessor of National Airborne Service Corps, which was just established. It has been 16 long years. He started as a flight instructor for B-234 and is currently a flight instructor and test pilot for UH-60M Blackhawk. He has accumulated 6,200 hours of flight under his belt from flying sorties such as mountain S&R, forest firefighting, post-disaster air transportation, emergency medical evacuation from remote islands and marine S&R. The statistics show that he has flown 295 sorties of rescue missions for typhoons, fires, stranded mountain hikers and major accident and rescued 184 people since 2009. He is proud of getting every job perfectly done and flying home safely.
He encourages himself to stay enthusiastic in helping people in the line of flight, constantly improve himself and develop a close bond between him and those who fly with him. With the idea of “safety first” in mind, he delivers every time he flies and helps bring the best out of the airborne rescue mechanism established by the government, so that people will know they are in good hand and being watched over.