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Aviation Info

Wen Jih-Kuang

  • Award type:2017Rescue workers of performance
  • Date of award:2017-10-31
  • Release Date:2017-10-31

I was truly very happy when knowing that I was honored as a “rescue worker of good performance”. After all, it was not easy to stand out from so many talents. I also thank the organizer and administration for honoring me with this award, which represents their affirmation to my work performance.

I always remember my first sea rescue mission: how this difficult mission was completed in the cooperation with the flight instructor and coast guard despite bad weather conditions. Such sense of accomplishment and value is still fresh in my mind and has motivated me to face challenges at work. In the meantime, I also deeply feel that the accomplishment of a mission relies on all crew members’ efforts and shall not be considered as my sole credit.

I really appreciate the NASC flight instructors, coast guard and special search and rescue team (SSRT) for accompanying me to accomplish all kinds of missions over the years. I also hope that I will continue to enhance my expertise and competencies needed for this professional and dangerous work in the future; and that I will devote myself to my work and citizens who need our help. Finally, I would like to thank the administration and my colleagues for their support, and wish everyone well and good health.