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Aviation Info

Tsai, Yu-Pi

  • Award type:2016Rescue workers of performance
  • Date of award:2017-09-25
  • Release Date:2017-09-25


【Rescue achievements】

1. May 12 2015, a Panama cargo ship, the CORESHINING OL, had a seriously injured seaman in need of EMS. On the notice, a helicopter took off at 0858 hour and arrived at the target area at 0925. At 0935 hour, the onboard coast guard crew was lowered on the deck, secured the injured seaman and the lifting started. At 0950 hour, the injured and the crew were loaded and the helicopter landed at 1015 hour. The injured was handed over to the medical service for treatment.
2. May 29 2015, medical evacuation was required on Gueishan Island. A helicopter took off at 1143 hour and arrived at target area at 1202. Upon the arrival, the pilot-in-command found that it was impossible for air lifting, so he decided to land at the helipad on the island at 1215. At 1250 hour, the passengers were loaded and the pilot took the helicopter away from the target area. At 1302, the helicopter landed at Luodong Sports Park and mission was accomplished successfully.
3. Jun 12 2015, an EMS mission was requested in Kinmen. A helicopter took off from Songshan Airport at 1745 hour and landed at Kinmen Airport at 1940 to pick up 3 passengers, including the sick, a family member and a medical worker. At 2020 hour, the helicopter took off from Kinmen Airport and landed at Songshan at 2155 hour. The sick person was handed over to medical service for treatment.

【Let’s listen to what he has to say】

I was an Army helicopter pilot. As I retired from military service, I knew I can do something good with the skill of mine, so I took the government exam. I am fortunate to do what I am best at to help people as a member of the Airborne Service Corps. I have been flying for the Corps for more than four years, and every rescue mission is a challenge since none of them is the same. There are many types of rescue, rescue at sea, search and rescue in the mountains, medical evacuation and air transportation. Each and every one of them is a challenge to what you can do, and I have learned the skills and accumulated the experience to make myself a better pilot. Every time I complete a mission, I feel I have done something meaningful, which makes me happy about what I do and love to fly.