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Aviation Info

Chen, Ting-Kuang

  • Award type:2018Model airborne crew
  • Date of award:2019-05-15
  • Release Date:2019-05-15

1. Mr. Chen is a pilot operating the fixed wing fleet.
2. He has flown 48 sorties of homeland survey and aerial photography, 13 training flights and 20 test flights.
3. He oversaw the fleet’s property management and constant updates of property list. He checked the properties and objects left behind after the fixed-wing aircrafts left the fleet and made a list of the properties. He is a hard worker and always gets the job done without any complaint.
4. He worked together with the Aerial Survey Office of Forestry Bureau on homeland environment monitoring in event of natural disasters while he was working on the homeland survey and aerial photography sorties. The purpose of aerial photography and forest fire prevention is to establish the basic homeland information for the use of economic development, resource survey, urban planning, agriculture and forestry development, environmental monitoring, disaster prevention and rescue, surveying and map making, administrational management and academic study of the country. With his assistance, the Aerial Survey Office is able to take enough photos covering the areas scheduled annually or in desperate need of aerial photos.