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Aviation Info

Chuang, Shi-Lung

  • Award type:2018Model airborne crew
  • Date of award:2019-05-15
  • Release Date:2019-05-15

1. Mr. Chuang has been active in learning all kinds or search and rescue skills as well as the management of fleet affairs ever since he joined the aerial rescue in 2009. He was the air crew chief forUH-1Hs in squadron 2 of 1st Wing and squadron 3 of 2nd Wing. During that period, he was in charge the management of fleet and always got the jobs done on time and as planned. He always delivered in training and S&R missions. He became a UH-60M Blackhawk crew chief instructor in 2017 and loves to teach new crewmembers about aircraft knowledge and skills and share his experience with them.
2. He has flown the following sorties since Sep 2015:
Medical evacuation: 3 sorties;
Mountain hiker S&R: 23 sorties;
Firefighting: 23 sorties;
Exercise: 8 sorties;
Join-force training: 25 sorties;
Maintenance flight: 72 sorties.
3. Mr. Chuang is a diligent UH-60M crew chief who works closely with his crew in a harmonic way and saves numerous lives. He always delivers for an outstanding performance.