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Aviation Info

Chao, Ching-Sung

  • Award type:2018Model airborne crew
  • Date of award:2019-05-15
  • Release Date:2019-05-15

1. Mr. Chao has been active in learning S&R skills, risk evaluation and crewmember resource management ever since he joined the rank of aerial search and rescue in 2010. He was a pilot of the duty squadron and one in the Aviation Mission division of NASC in charge of flight training. While he was training pilots and crews, he had a good performance in preparing training programs and improving S&R skills and risk management and always got the jobs done. He became a UH-60M Blackhawk instructor in 2017 and is enthusiastic about teaching new members in terms of professional knowledge and skills, thus highly recognized by fellow workers and superiors for fleet replacement.
2. He was a pilot of Aviation Mission Division from Oct 2014 to Apr 2017 and in charge of station planning for UH-60M fleet. He worked closely with Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Transportation and Communications to transfer hangar 2 of Songshan Airport to house the UH-60M fleet and at the end secured the approval of both ministries. He is currently development a mid-term project for the approval of Executive Yuan.
3. Mr. Chao was dispatched for the following tasks in 2018:
Medical evacuation: 3 sorties
Mountain hiker S&R: 3 sorties;
Firefighting; 1 sortie;
Exercise: 4 sorties;
Join-force training: 7 sorties;
Maintenance flight: 12 sorties.
4. Mr. Chao is a hard-working search and rescue pilot who has saved lots of lives by working with crewmembers. He always gets the job done for an outstanding performance.