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Aviation Info

Wen, Ji-Kuang

  • Award type:2018Model airborne crew
  • Date of award:2019-05-15
  • Release Date:2019-05-15

1. Mr. Wen has been committed to learning search and rescue skills, risk evaluation and crewmember resource management since he joined the airborne S&R effort in 2006. He works closely with those who work with him on how to improve themselves in the hope to make every job a perfect one. As he was promoted to AS-365N crew chief test instructor in 2013, he remains enthusiastic in teaching new crewmembers about professional knowledge and skills, thus highly recognized by fellow workers and superiors.
2. He was dispatched for the following emergency missions from Sep to Dec 2015:
Medical evacuation: 7 sorties;
Stranded vessel S&R: 2 sorties.
3. He was called for the following emergency missions in 2016:
Medical evacuation: 4 sorties;
Stranded vessel S&R: 18 sorties;
Exercise: 2 sorties;
4. He was assigned to the following emergency tasks in 2017:
Medical evacuation: 7 sorties;
Stranded vessel S&R: 20 sorties;
Exercise: 4 sorties.
5. He was dispatched to the following emergency missions from Jan to Aug 2018:
Medical evacuation: 3 sorties;
Stranded vessel S&R: 7 sorties;
Mountain hiker S&R: 1 sortie;
Disaster observation: 1 sortie.
6. Mr. Wen is a hard-working air crew chief who was selected as one of the S&R workers of excellent performance by National Rescue Command Center in 2017 and has saved lots of lives by working together with crewmembers. He always gets the job done for a remarkable performance.