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Aviation Info

Huang Kuan-Lun

  • Award type:2017Model airborne crew
  • Date of award:2017-11-16
  • Release Date:2017-11-29
  1. It has been 14 years after joining National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior (Aerial Fire Fighting Brigade Preparatory Office) in 2003. During this period, I have participated in a number of major disaster rescue missions. Although all missions can be dangerous and challenging, I always do my best to keep calm and remain objective even when I receive gratitude from the rescued people because I believe that this is my job.

    Taiwan has now constructed a three-dimensional framework for rescue missions. As the front-line rescue unit of the Ministry, NASC implements air disaster rescue, disaster relief, medical assistance, observations, investigation, patrol, transportation and forest fire suppression missions. I believe that I am responsible to pass on experiences to novices to continue the Ministry’s missions.

  2. Was dispatched for the following emergency sorties between Sep of 2014 and Jul of 2018:
    Sea rescue: 22 sorties.
    Mountain Rescue: 15 sorties.
    Medical evacuation: 2 sorties.
    Fire rescue: 2 sorties
  3. As the pilot, Huang does his job very well and always works seamlessly with the air and ground crews. He gets the job done when it comes to saving lives and making sure that everyone is safe.