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Aviation Info

Hsu I-Yang

  • Award type:2017Model airborne crew
  • Date of award:2017-11-16
  • Release Date:2017-11-28
  1. After joined NASC in 2013, Hsu firstly learned to undertake maintenance works and understand the backend operations. After being transferred to the front-line as a flying crew member, Hsu was managed to cooperate with the operation of maintenance works. Concerning rescue capabilities, not only has Hsu been proactive in learning relevant skills, risk assessment and crew source management, but also he is willing to find an approach to perfect mission required equipment list and procedures with his colleagues.
  2. Implemented the following emergency missions:
    Sea rescue: 42 sorties.
    Medical evacuation: 17 sorties.
    Mountain rescue: 3 sorties.
    Disaster observation: 2 sorties.
    Air transportation: 5 sorties.
    Wind rescue: 3 sorties.
    Response to major accident: 4 sorties.
    Air patrol for major emergency and crime: 1 sortie.