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Aviation Info

Liu, Hung-Chun

  • Award type:2016Model airborne crew
  • Date of award:2017-09-25
  • Release Date:2017-09-25

1. Mr. Liu is a chief in the Maintenance Division of the Corps in charge of the 5-year plan of aircraft maintenance. He was the negotiator with the suppliers on the service purchase for the labor contract for the AS-365 helicopters in 2014 and 2015. Being an honest man, he followed the ethic codes of a civil servant and played fair and reasonable with the suppliers. While he was in charge of the purchase project, He led the project team to evaluate the price quote provided by supplier and compare with the budgets provided. He scrutinized the budgets, had a meticulous analysis on what had to be spent and what could be saved and developed the contract terms based the results of evaluation and analysis. He made this project more suitable for the Corps’ needs and its future, resulting in savings of government budgets and optimized production of results.
2. Mr. Liu is a man of responsibility who helped the Corps save a large amount of budgets and negotiated a good deal for the Corps. He gets the job done for the contract, which is significant for the Corps.
3. Major merits and achievements:
(1) He was in charge of the 5-year plan for the aircraft maintenance and achieved the dispatching availability of 71.52% from 2013 to 2016, as opposed to the criterion of 65.0% or more required for this project.
(2)He was in charge of the 5-year plan aircraft maintenance for the Corps and helped finalize the commercial maintenance project for UH-1H, B234, Beech planes and AS-365N in 2015. This project is currently under the watching eyes of the Corps to keep the aircrafts up and running and to improve their availability and flight safety.
(3)He was in charge of the 2013 administration project of helicopter performance improvement and rescue aircraft availability maintenance which was later classified as a project of excellence. Mr. Liu was given a merit for his performance in this project.
(4)He was in charge of the KPI evaluation for the 2014 administration project and given a praise.
(5)He was in charge of the maintenance of rescue aircraft availability maintenance in the 2014 administration project. The project was classified as a project of excellence and Mr. Liu was given a merit for his performance.
(6)He was in charge of the development of 2015 administration guidelines and project and given apraise.
(7)He was in charge of the planning, execution and final report for the special budget plan for the typhoon Morak aftermath relief with outstanding performance, and given two merits.