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Aviation Info

Chang, Ming-Chie

  • Award type:2016Model airborne crew
  • Date of award:2017-09-25
  • Release Date:2017-09-25

Specialist, Special Search and Rescue Team, National fire Agency, MOI
1. Mr. Chang is a man of responsibility and has had his eyes on getting the jobs done ever since he joined the Crops as a helicopter rescuer in Oct 2002.
2. Helicopter rescue missions from Sep to Dec 2013: rescue in the mountains: 3 cases; 4 were rescued.
3. Helicopter rescue missions in 2014: rescue in the mountains: 7 cases; 9 were rescued.
4. Helicopter rescue missions in 2015: rescue in the mountains: 1 case; 1 was rescued.
5. Helicopter rescue missions in 2016: rescue in the mountains: 1 case; 2 were rescued.