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Chief Chou, Hung-Sheng

  • Award type:2018Model servants of MOI
  • Date of award:2019-05-15
  • Release Date:2019-05-15

Chief Chou helped the National Airborne Service Corps receive 15 Blackhawk helicopters transferred from Ministry of National Defense for the replacement of old helicopter fleet as a part of the government policies. He carried out major policies, such as the fleet maintenance, for the Corps with the approval of the Executive Yuan and developed forward-looking training programs for the domestic and foreign equipment replacement, servicing and operation for maintenance crew and crew chiefs who worked on the Blackhawk fleet during the transition period from 2010 to 2017, as to improve the maintenance and servicing capabilities. He helped develop annual budget plans to keep a high availability of the fleet, thus allowing the smoothing going of the Corps’ 5 major categories of mission, namely disaster relief, search and rescue, emergency medical, reconnaissance and transportation. Chief Chou has the following major achievements:
1. Establishment of forward-looking project office for the receiving and preparation of UH-60M Blackhawks as part of cross-agency coordination;
2. Delivery at port, assembly, ferrying flight and stationing of 9 UH-60M Blackhawks in 4 batches from 2015 to 2017;
3. Domestic and foreign training programs for Blackhawk maintenance crew and crew chief for improvement of rescue capability;
4. Replacement of outdated UH-1Hs, B-234s and S-76Bs and introduction of new helicopters for a new era;
5. Careful use of the budgets approved for the 5-year mid-term plan to achieve the targeted annual availability for a great achievement.